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How to set up the Parrot Teleprompter


Using the Parrot Teleprompter App


How to use the Parrot Teleprompter Remote


Mounting the Parrot Teleprompter to you camera

The Parrot Teleprompter is the worlds most portable and affordable professional Teleprompter. It’s also very easy to use.
One of the greatest advantages of the Parrot Teleprompter is that it mounts directly to your cameras lens. Here are the steps to mounting your Teleprompter.

Slide out the lens adapter

Carefully lift up on the bottom edge of the lens adapter and slide it over the small retaining clip at the base of the Teleprompter.
Be careful not to put too much pressure on the retaining clip as it can break. Sometimes it helps to press down on the retaining clip in order to get the adapter to slide over it.

Remove the adapter cover

Unscrew the adapter cover from the adapter in a counter clockwise direction.

Screw on additional adapters

If your camera lens has a 77mm filter thread diameter, which is denoted with the “Ø“ symbol, then you do not need to use any extra adapters to mount your Teleprompter to the camera lens.
The Parrot Teleprompter can also be ordered with a 58mm base adapter which can be mounted directly to a 58mm lens.
All other lens sizes require an adapter.

The adapter is simply screwed onto the base adapter in a clockwise direction.
Be sure to leave the adapter loose as tightening can make it difficult to remove them.

Screw adapter to camera lens

Thread the base adapter along with any additional required adapters to the filter threads on the front of the camera lens.
Be careful not to cross thread the threads. Also, avoid tightening the threads to avoid damaging them.

Remove the hood  cover

Gently pull on one of the bottom corners of the hood cover to remove it.  

Insert the smartphone

While supporting the hood with one hand use the other hand to pull down the phone clamp and hold it in place. Slide the phone into place and carefully release the phone clamp to hold it in place.

Mount the teleprompter

Slide the Parrot Teleprompter hood assembly over the base adapter until the retainer clip clicks in place.

Use the app to manage the script

Refer to the instruction in the App section.


If you are missing an adapter don't forget to check the back cover. One of the adapters comes installed on the teleprompter, and you simply need to unscrew it from the back cover.
The light only flashes on when it is in pairing mode. Press the "Conn" button all the way down for three seconds and it should start flashing. Now you can pair with your phone and use it to control your teleprompter.
When you log into Dopbox it will create a folder under ->apps/parrotteleprompter Simply drop your scripts into that folder. Also, keep in mind that the app will only read .txt plain text files. It will not work with .pdf, or .doc files.
The Parrot Teleprompter will work with just about any Camcorder, DSLR, Mirrorless cameras. It is not designed to work with point-and-shoot cameras, or cameras without filter threads.
The teleprompter comes will all of the common adapter sizes which will fit most cameras. (49mm-82mm) There are four smaller ring sizes that are not very common and are not included with the telepromtper. They are 37mm, 40.5mm 43mm and 46mm, and we sell these adapters in our shop.



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